Youth in Development Volunteer by Peace Corps

Peace Corps has been in Thailand for 60 years working on various projects to meet the needs of the country’s population. This is an opportunity for graduate students or working professionals with experience in youth development to interact with primary and secondary school youth between 9-15 years old to teach conversational English; life skills such as critical thinking and decision-making; and leadership skills.

Project Description:

The overall goal of the Youth in Development Project is to empower Thai youth to develop skills and attributes that prepare them to become healthy, engaged citizens who are catalysts of change in their communities. Most Volunteers teach conversational English; life skills such as critical thinking and decision-making; and leadership skills. Volunteers also support extra-curricular activities for youth such as after-school clubs, youth leadership councils, health education campaigns, community service projects, and sports and fitness events. (Volunteers should expect to work in under-privileged, rural communities they might not be used to.)

Required Skills:

Qualified candidates will have one or more of the following criteria:

  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in any field OR
  • 5 years’ professional work experience

Experience in the following areas is strongly preferred:

• Working with youth in after-school clubs, tutoring, summer camps, or other extra-curricular activities.
• Teaching English, training youth in life skills, leadership development, youth reproductive health, sports/fitness, and/or drug/alcohol prevention.

Required Language Skills:

There are no pre-requisite language requirements for this position. However, all Volunteers will be provided with comprehensive and intensive Thai language training during their 10 weeks of Pre-Service Training (PST). Trainees will dedicate four hours a day, five to six days a week to language learning as well as informal learning with host families and community members.

Living Conditions:

Participants should expect to work and live mostly in rural Thailand, located in all provinces except the southernmost four where there is unrest. Locations include islands, mountains, flat areas, and everything in between. Volunteers typically live in a basic, three-room house. The bathroom will have a squat toilet and cold-water shower. The kitchen area is partially open-air. Public transportation is sometimes inconsistent, so you will need to be willing and able to ride a bicycle for at least six miles in very hot conditions.

Note: All applicants must review their Medical Information to learn about the clearance process and other health conditions that are difficult to accommodate in Peace Corps service before applying.


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