English Language Specialist Program

English Language Specialist Program The English Language Programs is the premier opportunity for TESOL professionals to impact the way English is taught abroad. By completing projects designed by U.S. Embassies in more than 80 countries, English Language Fellows and Specialists work closely with local teachers, students, and education professionals to improve English language teaching capacity overseas. Program participants serve as representatives and cultural ambassadors of the United States and, through a unique cultural exchange, they support the U.S. Department of State’s public diplomacy mission abroad. Who is eligible to apply? This program [...]

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Hurford Youth Fellowship – World Movement for Democracy

Hurford Youth Fellowship - World Movement for Democracy The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program seeks to build the leadership skills and harness the potential of young democracy activists from around the world. Through the Program, young activists spend three months at the World Movement’s Secretariat, during which they expand their global connections, share experiences with other activists from democracy movements around the world, and contribute to the development of the World Movement for Democracy. Hurford Youth Fellows engage in strategic meetings; conduct research; and organize and lead presentations, online discussions, and information-sharing sessions [...]

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Nicaragua Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America with an area of 130,373km² and contains the largest freshwater body in Central America, Lago de Nicaragua (Lake Nicaragua) or Cocibolca with its capital city being Managua. It has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea, in the east, and the North Pacific Ocean, in the west, and has Costa Rica to the southeast and Honduras to the northwest. Roughly one quarter of the nation's population lives in the Nicaraguan capital, making it the second largest city and metropolitan area in Central America. It's [...]



Bolivia Bolivia is a beautiful, geographically diverse, multiethnic, and democratic country in the heart of South America. It is surrounded by Brazil to the northeast, Peru to the northwest, Chile to the southwest, Argentina and Paraguay to the south. It shares with Peru control of Lake Titicaca (Lago Titicaca), the world's highest navigable lake (elevation 3,805m). The country has many different landscapes. There are the highlands with rough and icy mountainous areas and  volcanoes and then there are dense rainforests in the Amazon basin. Thus the climate is also very diverse. Western [...]



Namibia Namibia nicknamed as “The Land of the Brave” is situated in Southern Africa, she shares borders with South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is an 11-hour flight from England and a 3-hour flight from Johannesburg, South Africa. The nation has a population of 2.3 million people according to the 2016 census. The capital city of the land is Windhoek, which means 'windy corner' in the Afrikaans language, it is also the country's largest city with 326.000 inhabitants. Formerly a colony of Germany, Namibia was administered by [...]



Croatia Croatia is a country situated in south central Europe and Mediterranean region. It is to the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy. It is also bordered by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia in the east, and Montenegro to the south. Croatia has more than 1,200 islands and islets of which only 48 islands are inhabited. The island of Krk is the largest inhabited island of country. The Nation is geographically diverse; flat agricultural plains along the [...]



Vietnam Vietnam is situated on the Indochinese peninsula and borders the countries Cambodia, China and Laos as well as the South China Sea with Hanoi as the capital City with 1 million inhabitants. Vietnam was ruled by the Hung kings from the 3rd century BC. Chinese troops invaded the northern parts of the country in 111 BC and then various Chinese dynasties ruled the area, later in the 18th century the peninsula was colonized by France and from 1858 until 1954 the country was part of French Indochina. The country is very [...]



Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia with coasts on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It borders Myanmar (Burma) to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the southeast and Malaysia to the south. The country was known as Siam until 1939. Thailand has 1430 Islands, of which the largest is Phuket. This island sits in southwestern Thailand in the Andaman sea. Thailand's first people are the Mon (and Khmer and later came the Tai), who migrated from southern China to Vietnam and then [...]



Norway Norway (Norge) is the westernmost, northernmost and also easternmost of the three Scandinavian countries with a population of only 5.4 million people. It is situated above the Arctic circle and borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea with a landscape shaped by the Ice Age, forested hills and valleys, mountains, waterfalls, and a long coastline with fjords, islands, and mountains growing directly up from the sea. Norway's highest point is Galdhøpiggen, 2,469m (8,100 ft.) in the Jotunheimen region that lies midway between Oslo and Trondheim, but away from the [...]


New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand is a country located in a region called Oceania. This Southern Hemisphere country is surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. The Māori name for the country is Aotearoa which means "land of the long white cloud". Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. The city is located on South Island with about 417,000 people. The country’s largest city is called Auckland located on the North Island. Auckland has about 1.6 million inhabitants. These islands are one of Earth's most peculiar bioregions, inhabited by flightless birds seen nowhere [...]

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