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Encourage your students to get an international education that will prepare them for todays globalized society

EBI offers both virtual and on-campus study abroad information sessions.

So many students have never even entertained the idea to study abroad. International travel is a concept that seems too far out of their reach. We’re here to offer those students our support and show them that international education is in their grasp!

We love to infect students with our passion for international travel.

Our information sessions cover topics such as: why study abroad, how to secure funding, and what to expect. EBI also assists students with scholarship essays. We live to teach students about all the advantages study abroad will award them!

We make it easy for all students to capitalize on the edge study abroad will give them.

At the end of the session, EBI will provide students with a packet of study abroad resources. Included in this packet will be a list detailing the types of study abroad scholarships, and how to apply. We layout all of the logistics so students can make informed decisions.

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