Hi, I am Leticia Nortey!  I’m the founder of Expanding Boundaries International.

If I could use one word to explain my study abroad journey — I would say… ROUGH.

The biggest challenge during my study abroad journey was getting the support that I needed from my institution.

I went to a historical black college (HBCU) and to my surprise, it didn’t have the same international education resources that other universities do. I remember one instance where I missed out on the opportunity to apply for this one scholarship because my financial aid advisor refused to sign the required papers. I couldn’t get any clear answers about transfer credits or funding — it was such a hassle. The administration seemed to know nothing about international study and had zero interest in helping students to study abroad.

Professor Brown inspired me to keep my fire alive.

It almost seemed as though the world was blocking me from my dream; even some peers laughed at my plan to study abroad. Luckily, I had one professor who supported me and my passion for travel. Thanks to her support, I had so many rewarding experiences overseas that I couldn’t imagine who I’d be without them.

A lack of support and resources almost kept me from the experience of a lifetime!

The whole ordeal made me realize two things: I couldn’t be the only HBCU student to fight through these barriers, and all students should have access to proper international study resources. This realization prompted me to develop Expanding Boundaries International.

It is now my life’s mission to pay it forward by giving students the support I had to fight to get!

Many people in my position would have given up, I thank God that I didn’t. I believe that studying abroad plays a critical role in personal development and I want all students to have that opportunity to experience, learn, and grow. I see international study as a right not a privilege!