Samuel Boadu Jr.
Samuel Boadu Jr.Board Chair
Sam is EBI’s Board Chair, inspiring our organization to accomplish its mission mission.
He can be described as a Ghanaian American extrovert and a resilient thought leader.

Sam’s past tragedies and struggle with the healthcare system prompted him to pursue his decorated career in healthcare.
He holds a double Bachelor in Biology and Public Health with a minor in Forensic Science from Syracuse University. Sam also has a Masters of Public Health from Boston University. His graduate studies held a dual focus in the areas of Health Policy & Management and Global Health.

Sam has chosen to dedicate his life to helping better the quality of life for people in underserved communities.
He prides himself on his ability to raise health and safety awareness safety among diverse populations in both traditional and non-traditional settings. He is the Parliamentarian for the National Association of Health Services Executives, Baltimore Chapter. Sam works as the Head of Family for a program called Thread, where he supports underperforming high school students by providing them a family of volunteers. Sam also volunteers with United Ways, serving as a Step Coach for the City Neighbors High School Step Team.

Sam works to bridge gaps in healthcare, internationally.
Sam has spent time in Ghana, where he devised a sustainable healthcare reform proposal for the National Health Insurance Authority. The proposal included culturally appropriate recommendations to increase health promotion and delivery concerning financial sustainability redesign and current Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme policy.

Benjamin Osei
Benjamin OseiProject and Technology Manager
Ben is EBI’s Project and Technology Manager, developing our tech strategy and checking that everything runs smoothly.
He holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Design from the University of Minnesota and a BABA in Project Management.

It was a friend in IT who sparked Ben’s initial interest in data analytics.
Now, Ben runs a data analytics and consulting company that helps he African diaspora and African American businesses manage their companies with simple and easy online tools. He has provided businesses like Compass Group USA, British Petroleum, and ExxonMobil, with top-notch analytical and resource management advice for over 7 years. He partners with business executives and developers to model robust data platforms, producing the enterprise analytics that companies use to make better decisions.

Ben credits his volunteer work for providing him the advocacy skills to assist the African Diaspora and African American communities.
His repertoire of volunteer work is extensive. Ben acts as an executive member of the Better Life Foundation (BELIFOI), an international organization that focuses on providing basic needs for rural communities in West Africa. Ben’s passion for technology has prompted him to work extensively with EBI’s STEAM program.

Rev. Michael Onwona Appiah
Rev. Michael Onwona AppiahChief Financial Officer
Michael has strong Accounting and Finance background, with Bachelor of Science in
Accounting from Globe University, Minnesota; Master’s Degree in Public Administration-
Fiscal Management & Budgeting at Hamline University, Minnesota; Master’s Degree in
Business Administration-Corporate Finance at Hamline University, Minnesota; and
Doctorate candidate in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship & Finance at St
Mary’s University, Minnesota.
Michael is ordained Pastor at House of Glory Ministries. He has served on serval non-
profit boards and still serving with substantial experience as the grant manager,
accountant, and financial controller. Michael owns 3mb Management Consultants,
managing churches, and other non-profit organizations. As a Certified Tax professional,
I file taxes, advice, and represents both corporate and individuals. Like reading,
watching movies, public speaking, and mentoring others
Michael is an associate professor who teaches Accounting and Finance at the
University of the People-UoP.
Folasayo Onireti
Folasayo OniretiFundraising Coordinator
Sayo is EBI’s Grant Writer and Fundraising Strategist, helping us to secure the funds we need to carry out our mission.
She is a dedicated mother of three and loves to keep her head in a good book!

She is passionate about using her skills to make a difference in the life of others.
Sayo holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and earned her Master’s in Non-profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Baltimore.

Lexie Van Orden
Lexie Van OrdenIntern - Social Media Manager
I am a rising senior college student at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida studying Communications and Emerging Media with a minor in Fashion and Retail. I am passionate about travel, fashion, writing, social media, and helping others. My favorite animal is an elephant and my favorite country is Austria. An interesting fact about me is that I am obsessed with Shirley Temples and drink one almost every day.
Samuel Moore
Samuel MooreIntern - Social Media Manager