We love establishing relationships with people from all over the globe.

The right internship or volunteer can help set the foundation of your career. An internship with EBI will give you the opportunity to learn and grow, without the pressure to be an instant expert. It’s an excellent way to test-drive a career path. We’re currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Blogger – Tech & International Education content Creator

We are in need of a blogger who will help us:

  • Create fresh, original content a few times a week
  • Use images that truly compliment their content
  • Assist us in adding exchange scholarships on our websites for students
  • Research other blogs with similar content and great reference material

STEAM Exchange Instructor – One time or ongoing

Our Scient Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics Exchange program is always in need of subject matter expert or passionate individuals that would love to contribute to our lesson plan.  We are always in need of curriculum reviewers and advisors in addition to those that will prepare a plan and teach our students virtually on our google classroom.

Social Media Content Creator

Design and create compelling content for EBI’s social media

Curate relevant industry and thought-provoking content to reach the audience most likely to engage, work with, and/or advocate for Expanding Boundaries International

Social/Digital Marketing Manager

Create and execute strategies for social media channels including but not limited to Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Develop, implement, and manage digital marketing campaigns aimed towards promoting EBI.

Plan and organize a strategy to increase consumer engagement

Build and maintain a social media presence

Collaborate with Social Media Content Creator to carry out campaigns

Create end-of-month performance reports on campaign objectives and results

Create and manage email newsletters and marketing campaigns

Support social media objectives across all the time zones EBI serves

Program Assistant

EBI has the following programs: The Brenda A. Brown Passport Scholarship, The City Explorer Program, The STEAM Exchange Program – these programs are in need of program assistant to support the expansion and success of the programs.

Grant Writer

Research and identify EBI’s prospective grants

Prepare, submit, and manage grant proposals to foundations and corporate sources

Comply with all grant reporting requirements

Provide written updates to foundation donors

Assist with managing relationships with foundation officers and other prospects.

Student Advisor

Share your study abroad experience with younger generations

Motivate students to claim their right to an international education

Be a role model

Fundraising Assistant

Strategize to create an impactful fundraising campaign

Work with our fundraising and grants Director

Build and maintain relationships with donors

Public Relations Assistant

Cultivate new connections on belief of EBI

Build relationships with media contacts

Identify networking opportunities for EBI

Assist Social/Digital Marketer

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