3 Ways to Get a Global Education This Fall

As Covid-19 continues to impact travel, study abroad programs are adapting.

The Covid-19 pandemic and U.S. protests for racial justice have highlighted the importance of international exchange and cooperation. Now, more than ever, students need opportunities to gain a global perspective. But, many study abroad programs are suspended because of travel restrictions. 

In response, the international education sector is getting creative. Below we reveal three ways you can get an international education during the Fall of 2020 — despite the uncertainty of this pandemic. 

  1. IES’s Flexible Study Abroad programs are designed to adapt to changing travel restrictions. Courses are adjustable and include two six-week sessions that can be held on-site or virtually. Programs are priced according to your experience. Locations include Barcelona, Milan, Paris, London, and Vienna. 

A for-credit trip to a primer destination is a revolutionary way to get an education. The application deadline is July 31, 2020. The first session begins on September 23, and the second starts on November 6. Learn more about studying abroad in one of these top destinations on the IES website

  1. CAPA’s Flexible Choice allows you to tailor your international program to you. A fully customizable experience organized into four-week time blocks. Locations include Florence, London, and Sydney. 

Individualized international education is an empowering way to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Online, in-country, and blended internship opportunities are also available. The first time block begins on September 18, those who will study in-country for the first time block will depart September 11. Learn more about customizing your study abroad experience on CAPA’s website.

  1. CEA’s Virtual Programs enable you to go global while remaining local. This virtual program aims to expand your global education. Locations include Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Florence, Sydney, and Amsterdam. 

Virtual study abroad helps you build a global network and enrich your cross-cultural experience. Virtual internships are also available to help boost your career profile. CEA is offering a future $1500 study abroad discount to anyone who signs up for the virtual program. Application deadlines begin on July 13. Learn more about these unique programs on the CEA website

So there you have it, the top 3 ways you can still get an international education in Fall 2020. At EBI, we believe that global exchange is the key to better understanding and a more peaceful world. It is our mission to keep you connected with opportunities to study abroad. 

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